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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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• Rendering of support and assistances to Russian artist in formation, development of their creative activity, advancement of their artworks on Russian and international artmarket.
• Encourage Russian artists in participation in Russian and international exhibition, artistic registration and accompaniment.
• Participation in programs of culture and art development, artistic creative activity in Russia and overseas.

Our offers: To individual clients:
We’ll help You to choose proper art works (painting, sculpture, graphic works) that will suit your interior design, make it daintier. They will also be pleasant and valuable gifts for your relatives, friends and colleagues and become precious pieces of your art collection. In addition You can commission a portrait or any other genre painting you like.

To corporate clients:
• Creation of prestigious collection of contemporary Russian art
• Design of your office interior, decorate it with pieces of art
• Design of multiple corporate events, round-table discussions, conferences and talks providing them with pieces of art
• Implementation of different joint programmes (Russian or international display, conferences, marketing efforts etc.)

To artists:
• Participation in different Russian and international exhibitions, bringing artists on the contemporary art market
• Organization of personal on-site exhibitions
• Publication of artworks in different brochures, art books and catalogues
• Display and sale of artworks via our website