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“Colorful Dreams”

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November 17 – December 13, 2016


TNK ART Gallery presents the solo exhibition of painting of Vladimir Lityshev: "Colorful Dreams”.

Romantic and philosopher, the artist dedicates the audience in a special world of dreams and fantasies, a world where there is no random notes and casual phrases, where every detail – transfers to canvas the reality, that reflects through the prism of feelings and experiences, sо patently and exciting.

Subtle nuances, harmony lines, spots and rhythms - that's what makes each unique piece of art filled and attractive. Volume, texture and decorative - techniques, so accordant with French impressionism, creates an atmosphere of involvement in the mystery of creation, immerse you into the smooth color-rich element. At the same time, unexpected emotional contrast transitions in watercolor, emphasize the unusual lightness, transparency and almost weightless of portrayal.

“Colorful Dreams”



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