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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Exhibition plan 2014-2015

"Flower on a round table"
The exhibition features works by such artists as Zharkov Yury, Zhevakin Andrew, Malafeevsky Leonid, Kharih Alexander, Kovalevsky Vladimir, Buldygin Adolf.

"Stealing beauty"
Art-project «Stealing beauty» reveals a range of art pieces of various genres and techniques and features artists who are all important figures today.

The exhibition features graphic works by contemporary artists from Vladimr and Yaroslavl.
01.10.2014 - 01.11.2014

"Dreams of Blue Dog"
The exhibition features art works by contemporary Russian-American artist Roman Rakhmatulin (Roman Romulen)

12.11.2014 - 29.11.2014

Art-project «Chistmas» features paintings by contemporary artists from Russia.

02.12.2014 - 07.02.2015


 Art pieces by Slava Zaitsev and Natalia Somova
Art-project features paintings by honoured contemporary artists Natalia Somova and designer Slava Zaitsev 

20.02.2015 - 30.03.2015