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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Exhibition plan 2016-2017




"Season of Russian classical art" 

Painting, graphic works by artists from Yaroslavl Painting School



Painting and graphic works by Honoured artist of Russia Leonid Malafeevsky 22.09.2016-13.10.2016
"No day without Art" 
Solo exhibition by Lidia Naumova 20.10.2016-12.11.2016 
 "Colorful Dreams"  Solo exhibition by Vladimir Lityshev
"Winter tale" Holiday exhibition. Paintings, graphics, sculpture from the TNK Art Gallery collection   08.12.2016- 14.01.2017
"Looking up" Solo exhibition by abstract artist Misha Ermilov   19.01.2017- 03.02.2017 
 "In persuit of harmony" Solo exhibition by Alexander Alexandrov, the Chairman of the Board of the "Union of Russian Artists” branch in Yaroslavl 09.02.2017- 10.03.2017 
"Reality of the inner self" Group exhibition of abstract artists members of the art studio of Ely Belyutin "The New Reality" (1954-1991): Vera Preobrazhenskaya, Marina Zaitseva, Alexander Kryukov (1923-2000). 16.03.2017-15.04.2017
"Life is beautiful"
Exhibition of modern photography by artographer Anya (Anna Andreeva) and photographer Evgenyi Tripolsky.
20.04.2017- 20.05.2017 
"Images of contemporaries"
Solo exhibition by Andrey Polyakov, portait paintings
25.05.2017- 08.06.2017