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Picturesque alchemy

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Every painter elaborates his own brushwork and technique; every master aspires to reveal the essence of the moment in his own way: the sensation of color and the vision of the surrounding reality make difference between represented works.


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Charitable Evening

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On the 20 th of March TNK Art Gallery and the Charity Foundation "I am” of  Egore Beroev and Xenia Alferova held  the Charitable Evening in aid of  the Children Boarding house № 8  ( Moscow, Orekhovo-Borisivo).

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Art pieces by Slava Zaitsev and Natalia Somova

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 The exhibition of the works by Vaycheslav Zaitsev and Natalia Somova is the picturesque dialog between two famous contemporary artists. SHE is a painter, scenographer and icon painter. HE is a fashion world-class designer, painter and a graphic artist. They have reached fame in different kinds of art and they also continue to work in different styles, but they have a lot in common: a poetic note, musicality and a poetic-philosophical spirit.

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In the anticipation of  New Year and Christmas the TNK Art Gallery offers you to plunge into the atmosphere of wonder and conviviality. Welcome to our exhibition of the best contemporary Russian painters called "Christmas”!


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Dreams of Blue Dog

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12.11.2014 - 29.11.2014


The exhibition features art works by emerging Russian-American artist Roman Rakhmatulin (Roman Romulen). 


Dreams of Blue Dog



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01.10.2014 - 01.11.2014

The exhibition features graphic works by contemporary artists from Vladimr and Yaroslavl: Michail Kocheshkov, Yuriy Tkachev, Vladimir Sevostianov, Leonid Malafeevsky, Vladimir Ruzin and others. 


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«Stealing beauty»

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Project «Stealing beauty» reveals a range of art pieces of various genres and techniques and features artists who are all important figures today. 16.09.2014 - 21.09.2014. "Cordoaria National", Rua da Jungueira, 342, Lisboa, Portugal

«Stealing beauty»

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«Flower on a round table»

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August 18 – September 27 2014

«Flower on a round table»


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