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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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On the 25th of May 2017 the TNK Art gallery is opening solo-exhibition of painter Andrey Polyakov "Images of contemporaries”.

Andrey Polyakov is master of psychological portrait and follower of Russian traditions in portrait genre. The background of his works lies in academic school and in traditions of socialist realism. He considers old masters of the original Russian portrait to be his guides: Valentin Serov, Ilya Repin and Konstantin Makovsky.

Portraits of the artist are created to reveal the depth of human’s inner world, to reflect one's personality, to capture an instant movement of feelings and actions. Perfectly mastering all skills of pictorial art the artist in his works discovers the essence of personality, revealing the inexhaustible possibilities of realistic art.

Among Andrey Polyakov’s characters are images of our contemporaries, famous persons of Russian culture and science, representatives of the clergy, portraits women and children, as the master’s motto is "To draw people of his time". Exclusiveness of the artist's works in this complicated and responsible genre has found positive responses among the public with demanding tastes. Orders for the drawing portraits of Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin are the evidence of the aforementioned. In 2003 Polyakov received a blessing in the Center for Christian Orthodoxy for drawing portraits of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.


Among the works of Andrey Polyakov are many portraits of Russian celebrities: Irina Allegrova, Igor Talkov, Valentina Tolkunova, actors of theater and cinema: Yuri Solomin, Igor Starosel'tsev, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Mark Zakharov and many others.

Portraits drawn by the artist were included in the catalogue of the best works of the 3rd International Festival of Contemporary Art (June 2007, Manege, Moscow, the catalogue is available at the following address: Pavilion 1, SC "Vernyi”, 13A, Sverdlova street, Podolsk).

The works of Andrey Polyakov can be found in Russian and foreign private collections: in the Czech Republic, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Ukraine and other countries of the world.


Andrey Polyakov was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the 22nd of April 1960. He began to draw as a child, since the age of 12 he studied at the children's art school in Kamenets-Podolsky. In 1975 he entered the Odessa Art College of M. Grekov, specialization – teacher of drawing, graduated from the Art College in 1979. In the Soviet Army he was engaged in design and decoration works, he made portrait sketches of his colleagues and command staff, participated in the international exhibition of the classical portrait in Prague. After military service he devoted himself entirely to plein air painting, the artist has been working in portrait genre since 1983.

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