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Reflection of colours

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Reflection of colours

23 September – 22 October 2010

This exhibition represents pieces of art (both painting and graphic works) by Honored painter of Russia – Leonid Malafeevskij. He is one of the most significant painters of Yaroslavl painting school.

The exhibition enables visitors to investigate the dramatic play of light and shadow, luminous streams and colour gradations, let them into picturesque mysterious world.

Leonid Malafeevskij was born in 1954. He practices painting since 1980.

He is an Opekushin Prize Laureate (regional premium in fine arts) and APA–FERRARIO Prize laureate, in 2003 was rewarded with silver medal of Russian Academy of Arts.

His works can be found in art museums and private collections in Russian as well as in England, Germany, Italy, Belgium and in the USA.

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Where the sun rises

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This exhibition presents the finest assembly of sculpture, painting and graphic works by the recognized Russian regional artists. Among them: Urij Garkov, Adolf Buldygin, Dmitrij Sevostianov, Valerij Teplov. They are all Honored artists of Russian Federation.
The exhibition highlights the rich variety of Russian landscape painting, rendering the most recognizable and beloved views of Russia.

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Auction №1

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Auction №1

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