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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Still life with white grapesStill life with white grapes
Author: A. Komarov
Info: oil, canvas; 50х60; 2004

Still life with...

Lake NeroLake Nero
Author: Dmitriy Surin
Info: canvas, oil; 60x90; 1992

Lake Nero

Author: V. Bychkov
Info: Oil, canvas; 51х71; 2009


Autumn, eveningAutumn, evening
Author: Leonid Malafeevskiy
Info: cardboard, oil; 100x100, 2007

Autumn, evening

Author: Yuriy Zharkov
Info: Canvas, oil; 70х50. 2007


Ples. Drifting of ice on the Volga riverPles. Drifting of ice on the Volga river
Author: Yuriy Zharkov
Info: canvas, oil; 100х120, 2006-2007

Ples. Drifting of...

Snowy silenceSnowy silence
Author: A. Buldygin
Info: Oil, canvas; 56х77; 2007

Snowy silence

Grey dayGrey day
Author: A.Veselkin
Info: Oil, canvas; 46х59; 2005

Grey day

Author: Nikolay Bondarenko
Info: canvas, oil; 90х80, 1989-2001


St. Varvara cathedralSt. Varvara cathedral
Author: Vladimir Kovalevkiy
Info: Oil, canvas; 64х66; 2006

St. Varvara...

Sunny daySunny day
Author: Kovalevskiy V.N.
Info: Canvas, oil; 70х80. 2009

Sunny day

Author: V. Hamkov
Info: Oil, canvas; 50х60; 2009


Among pine treesAmong pine trees
Author: V.Pavlychev
Info: Oil, canvas; 70х90; 2004

Among pine trees

Tutaev is meltingTutaev is melting
Author: Adol'f Buldygin
Info: Oil, canvas; 55х65; 2000

Tutaev is melting

Remote corner of the old cityRemote corner of the old city
Author: V. Plastinin
Info: cardboard, oil; 54х50, 1970

Remote corner of...

Flowers flying awayFlowers flying away
Author: Vladimir Sevost'yanov
Info: Oil, canvas; 110х100, 2011

Flowers flying away

Flowers on the blueFlowers on the blue
Author: Daria Timoshkina
Info: canvas, oil; 65х60 2009

Flowers on the blue

oil, canvas; 59,5х90. 2010


Author: Kremnev Sergei
Info: cardboard, oil; 53х80. 2012


Author: Vladimir Khamkov
Info: oil, canvas. 75х67. 2012


Landscape with a red fieldLandscape with a red field
Author: Lidia Skargina
Info: Oil, cardb, 60х80, 2012

Landscape with a...

Pink poppiesPink poppies
Author: Lidia Skargina
Info: Oil, canvas, 90х100, 2011

Pink poppies

Imitating a teacherImitating a teacher
Author: Lidia Skargina
Info: Oil,canvas; 80х90; 2012

Imitating a teacher

Grey AugustGrey August
Author: Lidia Skargina
Info: Oil,canvas; 80х90; 2001

Grey August

Memories of AtlantisMemories of Atlantis
Author: Vladimir Zebek
Information: oil,cardb

Memories of Atlantis

Sunset at the portSunset at the port
Author: Vladimir Zebek
Information: oil,cardb, 1992

Sunset at the port

Author: Nikolay Rubtsov
Info: Oil,cardb; 50х80; 2010


Basic instinctBasic instinct
Author: Semen Peterson
Information: oil, canvas

Basic instinct

Author: Eugeny Zaharov
Info: Oil, cardb; 60х50; 2008


Lake Lake "Vasil'ki"
Author: Oleg Modorov
Info: canvas, oil; 50х70; 2013

Lake "Vasil'ki"

Spring sunSpring sun
Author: Vladimir Hamkov
Info: Oil, cardb; 26х20; 2013

Spring sun

Last rayLast ray
Author: Vladimir Hamkov
Info: Oil, cardb; 20х26; 2013

Last ray