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Russian classical
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Karikh Alexander

Painter, Enamel Artist
People's artist of Russia

Born in 1941.
In 1962 graduated from High School of Art in Vladivostok.
In 1978 began practicing enamel technique.
The Chairman of the Yaroslavl department of Artists’ Union of Russia.
In 1991 became a president of the international emaliers association (CKI) in Russia. In 1992 in Yaroslavl he organized the International creative center “Emalis”.
Alexander Karish was rewarded with silver medal of Russian Academy of Arts. He is also a prize winner of the Yaroslavl mayor award.
Participant of more than 125 exhibitions of the decorative and applied arts (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Petrodvorets, Yaroslavl, Tokio, Nagasaki, Milan, Genoa, Paris, Luxemburg, Brussels, Neunstadt).


In Vasnetsov motherland
Title: In Vasnetsov motherland
Information: oil, canvas; 60х80; 2007.

Montenegro. Kotor.
Title: Montenegro. Kotor.
Information: Oil, canvas; 60х80; 2008.