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Art Manege 2010

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Art-Manege 2010

Art project "Symphony of colours”

1-5 December 2010
"Manege" Central Exhibition Hall

The "TNK Art” gallery represents various pieces of art by famous contemporary painters from different regions of Russia. Among them are Vladimir Sevostianov, Leonid Malafeevskij, Vladimir Hamkov, Victor Dynnikov, Victor Kuvin and others.

The exhibition aims at revealing the originality of regional masters, their treatment of colorful palette, light and shadow, plastic forms. All of represented painters have their own colorful language, individual artistic manner, intonations that in consonance create a luminous symphony – symphony of colours.

Exploring pastose saturated touches, dynamic interlacing of lines and colorful stains, expressive manner of painting, regional artists create picturesque views of Russian nature, poetical scenes of Russian everyday life. The Realm of shining and melodious colors of displayed artworks is at once unforgettable emotions of our past and today’s wishes and feelings, the hope for our future’s joy and marvel.

All of the represented artists are participants of different Russian and international exhibitions, their pieces can be found at multiple art museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

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