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Vladimir Art Salon

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From April 21 to May 2, 2010 in the Central House of Artists (Moscow) the exhibition "Art Salon Vladimir", dated for the 65 anniversary of the Vladimir regional office of the Union of artists of Russia takes place. The exhibition features works of painting, graphics, ceramics, sculpture by artists of Vladimir and the Vladimir region.

Right after the Great Victory in 1945 the Vladimir regional office of the Union of the Soviet artists was established.

In 1960 the independent school of painting appeared in Vladimir. Search and experiments, community of esthetic views, unity of art style, local tones, colorful rhythm, specific composition and decorative effects allowed to speak about new tendency in a landscape. The well-known masters of painting, such as D.I.Rokhlin, K.I.Mazin, Kim Britov, Vladimir Yukin and others created and glorified «The Vladimir school of painting».

Bright, emotional, lyrical, penetrated with love to life, very original works by the Vladimir artists are today the best part of modern Russian realistic art. Numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad shows the high level of works by Vladimir masters and great interest to their art.


The organizer of the exhibition "Vladimir Salon of Art" – the TNK ART Gallery with support of Administration of the Vladimir region and the Vladimir regional office of the Union of artists of Russia.

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