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ART TREND St Peterburg, Russia

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October, 23 -25th, 2015

TNK Art Gallery is glad to take part in art Fair "ART TREND 2015", which is held in in the Saint Peterburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Al. von Stieglitz. 



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Art fair "ArtExpoSPb 2014"

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The 1stRussian Art fair «ArtExpoSPb 2014» has passed in St.Petersburg  from 25th to 26th of October with a great success.


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All-Russian art-saloon "Symbols of Motherland"

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12-15 June 2014

The exhibition is devoted to the Day of Russia and is held with the aim of revival of historical and national traditions of Russia as an important part of upbringing of young generation.

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Inter-regional plein air "Vladimir Autumn"

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3-16 October, 2009

Vladimir, Lubets village

The plein air painting "Vladimir Autumn" is timed to the 90th anniversary of great painter Vladimir Ukin and 70th anniversary of graphic artist Boris Frantsuzov. The most interesting and attractive painters from Vladimir, Lipetsk, Tambov, Yaroslavl and other Russian cities take part in this event.

This plein air painting aims to show the contemporary artistic process - "classical traditions in Russian painting” that are still alive and flourishing, preserved and developed by contemporary Russian artists.

On October 10 "Art Workshop” takes place - the master class for art school students and emerging artists.

On October 16 the exhibition of sketches takes place.

The plein air painting "Vladimir autumn” was organized and supported by the TNK Art gallery, Department of culture of Vladimir region, Vladimir Union of Artists.

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Beautiful river

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From June 11 to July 11, 2008 in the Regional Center for Fine Art of Vladimir held an art exhibition "Beautiful river" as a part of events dedicated to 230th anniversary of the Vladimir province.

The exhibition was organized by the Department of culture of Administration of the Vladimir region, VTOO the Vladimir organization of the Union of artists of Russia, the TNK ART Company.

The exhibition featured works of nearly 70 artists Vladimir and the Vladimir region, including K.Britov, V.Kokurin, Yu.Tkachev, Yu.Mokshin and many others. More than 200 works, including painting, graphics, sculpture and photography, were shown to the public.

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