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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Vladimir Sevostyanov

Honoured paiter of Russia

Born in 1952


Flowers in the garden
Title: Flowers in the garden
Information: cardboard, oil, 70х50, 2013

In Siberia
Title: In Siberia
Information: paper, pastel. 50х40. 2004

Flowers flying away
Title: Flowers flying away
Information: oil, canvas. 110х100, 2011

Bend of the river
Title: Bend of the river
Information: oil, canvas. 75х70. 2007

Spring in the village
Title: Spring in the village
Information: oil, canvas. 98х82. 1995

Winter sun
Title: Winter sun
Information: oil, canvas. 60х73; 2010

On Mironosetskaya street.
Title: On Mironosetskaya street.
Information: oil, canvas. 102х85. 2007

Still life
Title: Still life
Information: canvas, oil, 64х62, 2011

In the evening
Title: In the evening
Information: paper, pastel. 36х44. 2010

The Klyaz'ma river
Title: The Klyaz'ma river
Information: paper, pastel. 65х50. 2010

Autumn, Lubets village
Title: Autumn, Lubets village
Information: paper, pastel. 65х50. 2010

Warm evening
Title: Warm evening
Information: paper, pastel. 50х65. 2010