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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Exhibition plan 2010-2011




Where the sun rises

Painting, graphic works, sculpture by famous Russian regional artists.

15.08- 20.09

Reflection of colours

Artworks by Honoured painter of Russia L. Malafeevskiy

23.09- 22.10

Masters of Vladimir painting school

Worldwide known Russian artists – famous representatives of Vladimir paining school – V. Ukin, K. Britov, N. Modorov, V. Kokurin, V. Egorov/

Artworks from private collection


Charmed Wanderer

Artworks by People’s artist of Russia Alexander Karih

29.11 - 8.01.2011

Winter laces

Painting and graphic works by present day Russian artists

12.01.2011 - 11.02.2011

The view from within

Artworks by famous Russian artist Vladimir Sevostyanov

18.02 -18.03


New tendencies in modern Russian art

Artworks by Honoured painter of Russia Andrew Zhevakin

25.03 -23.04

From reality to fiction

Artworks by present day Russian artists

29.04- 31.08