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Russian classical
traditions in painting

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Exhibition plan 2011-2012





Solo display of artworks by Doctor of art Gregory Dembovski

9.09 - 01.10. 2011

"As a dream was built"

Pieces of art by Soviet Russian painter Aleksey Lopukhin.

6.10 - 4.11.2011

"Not invented"

Current trends of modern classical art, presented in artworks by Dmitry Surin, Anton Ivanov, Michael Gilenkov, Urij Malanenkov and Vladimir Chehlov.


"Christmas stories"

More than 50 masterpieces of the most significant artists of the second half of the xx century – A. Buldygin, V. Sevostyanov, L. Malafeevskij, U. Jarkov, V. Dynnikov, and others

15.12.11 -04.02. 2012


Pieces of art by Honored painter of Russia – Leonid Malafeevskij


"Modern-day Russia"

Artworks by Honored painter of Russia Victor Bychkov.

15.03-14.04 2012

New Look

Current trends of modern classical art in artworks by regional Russian artists.

15.04 – 29.06.2012